Mussar Haskel – Theological Discourses – Rabbi Joseph Kohn-Zedek, London 1878

kz 1878 1Rabbi Joseph Kohn-Zedek was born in Lemburg in 1827, went to London in 1875 and died in London in 1903.  He was a prolific author, both in Europe and after he settled in London.

This book, Mussar Haskel, was his first book published in London, printed by Ann Abrahams and son, of 53, St. Mary Axe.  It is a collection of his sermons.  My copy has stamps of ownership of A. I Friedner, of Liverpool and London.

kz 1878 2

kz 1878 3The book starts with a memorial page for his parents, Aaron and Yota Kohn-Zedek (Katz), who were cousins, and gives details of their genealogy.

kz 1878 4








This is followed by a personal preface.



kz 1878 5

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