Khaos oder Mendel Der Stolier oder Di Letste Yudishe Hofnung (Chaos, or Mendel the Carpenter or The Last Jewish Hope), by Max and Julian Miltone, London 1909.

5K Milton 1909_0001This book is a play in four acts, but before we begin with the authors, I would like to mention the paper wrappers which are reproduced below and include some advertising and a splendid list of Jewish sheet music available from the London Hebrew Publishing Company, Mazin & Co. Ltd., 141 Whitechapel Road.

5K Milton 1909_0005Max Miltone, or Milton was the anglicised name of Mendel Kolton, who was born in Warsaw in 1892.  He emigrated to New York in 1892 and to London in 1896.  In 1898 he travelled to Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, where he produced stone engraving and ornaments with his older brother Yudl (Julius) Milton.  He returned to London in 1903.  He published articles and poetry in various Yiddish publications in London and New York. 

Max and Julius Milton wrote this play, which was published in London in 1909.  The foreword is by A. Val Finkenstein, who was the secretary of the ITO and the English Zionist Federation and President of the Bnei Zion Association.

5K Milton 1909_0002

5K Milton 1909_0003

5K Milton 1909_0004

5K Milton 1909_0006

5K Milton 1909_0008

5K Milton 1909_0009

5K Milton 1909_0010

5K Milton 1909_0011

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