Bloom’s – The Most Famous Kosher Restaurant in Great Britain.

Blooms01This is a special piece of nostalgia from my library. Bloom’s in Golders Green was my late father’s place to go when he wanted to take the family out to dinner. The rude, friendly waiter who had been there for years and years. The enormous portions of excellent food.

And Bloom’s in Whitechapel was the perfect place for a salt beef lunch and a pint of beer near the City.

As a youngster, a Bloom’s chopped liver sandwich, or a salt beef sandwich (half a crown for the sandwich and sixpence for a large greasy latke) was our fast food.  And I can still taste Bloom’s Viennas.  The brochure below, “Let us suppose a lady has to hurriedly give a small dinner party.” evokes the 1960s.


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