Report of The Sick-Room Helps Society and Nurses’ Home, October, 1907 to December, 1908.

1909Sick01This report, an immensely important social document, was actually printed in 1909. 2,693 maternity cases had been helped and about a thousand donors with their addresses are listed. This is a huge growth in a few years  – check my copy of the report for 1901.  This report has quite a story to tell.  The Sick Room Helps Society had developed into a complete nursing organization for the Jewish Poor of the East End of London, and now included a nurses home at 61 Philpot Street.  There are six maternity nurses, under Mrs. Levy, two additional nurses for the sick and about 80 “Helps” who would now days be called Home Health Aides.

The entire report is scanned below:



2 thoughts on “Report of The Sick-Room Helps Society and Nurses’ Home, October, 1907 to December, 1908.

  1. Sent me to Wikipedia to look up the ‘Dowager Duchess of Desart’ (see the leadership /committee lists) – I had never heard of her, and she sounds fascinating! Plus -Jeff – sent you an Instagram message the other day.

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