Sefer Even Yechezkel by Rabbi Yerachmiel Mett, London 1939.

Mett01Rabbi Yerachmiel (known as Rachmil) Mett was born in Mlava, Poland in 1884.  He was brought to England by the Chassidic supporter and fellow native of Mlava, Chaim Eliezer Lass, and became the District Rabbi of Stamford Hill.  The Lass family were also financial contributors towards the printing of the book.

By 1928 Rabbi Mett was reported in the Jewish Chronicle presiding over a meeting to consider the formation of an East London Young Mens’ Agudas Yisroel Group.  Rabbi Harry Rabinowicz wrote that Rabbi Mett “was an extraordinary, modest and rather private person.”

Mett02He died on 5th September 1941 in London, and on November 2nd a memorial service organized by Hitachdut Harabbanim was held for him in the Beth Hamadresh at 83 Bethune Road, N.16.  Rabbi Shiya Szpetman presided and the speakers were Rabbi Z Ferver, Rabbi J Lainer and Rabbi Piekarski.

Mett03Rabbi Mett’s book, consisting of Chiddushim (novellae on the Talmud) was printed in Poland in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War and the great destruction of European Jewry.  The book is named in honour of his father, Yehuda Yechezkel Mett.  It has impressive Haskomos (approbations) from Rabbi Meir Yechiel Halevi Halstock, Rabbi Moses Friedman of Boyan and Rabbi Menachem Zemba of Warsaw, which are reproduced below, together with a five-page preface by Rabbi Yechezkel Halevi Halstock of Nashelsk.

(Note – if anyone has more information about Rabbi Mett, in order to fill out the details above, please let me know).


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