Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Annual Report 1938-9, London.

1939FriendsHU01This booklet is really the Annual Report of the British Friends, who had been established in 1926.  It describes the University on the eve of the Second World War and has interesting lists of subscribers and donors.

The Organizing Secretary of the Friends when this report was written was Chaim Raphael.  He was born Chaim Rabinovitch in Middlesborough, England in 1908 and became a civil servant, writer and scholar of Jewish studies. His father was Chazan (Cantor) of the synagogue. 

He started rabbinical studies at Aria College, Portsmouth, where he was awarded a scholarship to study at Oxford University.  He became a lecturer in post-Biblical Hebrew Literature at Oxford (1933-40).

The President of the Friends was Sir Philip Hartog, a prominent Anglo-Jewish chemist and educationalist.


One thought on “Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Annual Report 1938-9, London.

  1. Chaim Raphael was an extremely good writer, and a mensch! He wrote a number of very readable books on different Jewish topics, including the excellent, but now ignored edition of the Haggadah,”A Feast of History”. He also wrote detective novels under the name of Jocelyn Davey!

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