Yeshresh Yaakov by Rabbi Samuel Jacob Rabinowitz of Liverpool, 1925

Yeshresh Yaacov, a volume of essays and addresses by Rabbi Samuel Jacob Rabinowitz of Liverpool was published in 1925 by the Rabbi S. J. Rabinowitz Memorial Publication Fund.  It has a foreword by Rabbi Isser Yehuda Unterman and a long list of subscribers, providing the names and addresses of many of the leading members of the Liverpool Jewish community.

Rabbi Rabinowitz was born in Kelme and was the author of responsa and novella. He was an early member of the Ḥovevei Zion, and attended the Second Zionist Congress,  was elected to the Zionist General Council.

In 1906 Rabinowitz was appointed rabbi of Liverpool, where he did much to promote traditional observance and communal harmony, despite the early hostility of more Anglicized members of the local community. Together with Rabbi Isaac J Reines, he founded the Mizrachi world movement of religious Zionists in 1902.  He was elected president of the British Mizrachi organization at its first conference in 1918.  He died in 1921.

My copy was donated by the family of the Late L. Richards to Fairfield Hebrew Congregation, 9, Laurel Road, Liverpool.

Yashresh Yaacov
Yashresh Yaakov – a memorial volume of sermons and essays by Rabbi Samuel Jacob Rabinowitz of Liverpool, published in 1925.

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