Yalkut Yechezkel by Rabbi Yechezkel Cohen of Sunderland, 1924

yalkut yechezkel 1_0001Rabbi Yechezkel Chatza Cohen was born in Krotingen in Lithuania in 1842, and emigrated to Sunderland, following other members of his town in about 1888.  His original family name was Liebsohn, and he was a teacher of Talmud as well as a businessman.  He published this book towards the end of a long life in 1924, and died in Sunderland in 1926.  The book was printed by Goldenberg and Epstein in London.






The book has haskamas (approbations) from:

yalkut yechezkel 2Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Rabinowitz of Sunderland












yalkut yechezkel 3Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Horowitz of Leeds















Rabbi Israel Chaim Daiches of Leeds

yalkut yechezkel 4Rabbi Yochel Myer Sandelson of Newcastle















yalkut yechezkel 5Rabbi Mendel Isaac Behrman of Manchester












This is a book of sermons and aggadic novellae, and as an extract I have chosen Rabbi Cohen’s short article on Daf (page) 5 of the Talmudic tractate Taanis, as I took part in a shiur given by Rabbi Dov Winston on this Daf last week at the Young Israel of Merrick Synagogue, Long Island New York.

yalkut yechezkel 6yalkut yechezkel 7


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