Pirchei Oviv by Rabbi Gedalia (George)Silverstone of Belfast, London 1901

pirchei aviv 1_0001Rabbi Gedalia Silverstone was born in Jasionowka, Poland, in 1871, and died in Jerusalem in 1944.  He was at yeshiva in Telz and other places until 1891, when his father, Rabbi Yeshiyahu Meir Silverstone emigrated with his family to Liverpool.  Rabbi Gedalia Silverstone was appointed to his first rabbinical position, in Belfast, Ireland, in 1901.  He was a prolific author throughout his lifetime, and this book was his first to be publish from his years in Belfast.  He visited America in 1905 and decided to settle there in 1906, becoming a prominent American rabbi in Washington, DC.

This book, Pirchei Oviv, was printed in Whitechapel, London, as there was no Hebrew printer in Belfast.

pirchei aviv 2


It starts with two approbations.  The first is from Rabbi Gershon Ravinson of Liverpool, who was actually a relative of Rabbi Silverstone by marriage.  Rabbi Ravinson describes Rabbi Silverstone as “Mechutani”, which should mean “my father-in-law”, but here probably just means relative-in-law. the second is from Rabbi Menachem Dov Dagutsky of Manchester.



pirchei aviv 3














The book consists of Novellae on the tractate Berachos of the Talmud.

pirchei aviv 4

pirchei aviv 5

This is followed by a few sermons.

pirchei aviv 6

The final article is a discourse by the Rabbi’s father, Rabbi Yeshiyahu Meir Silverstone (or Zilberstone) of Liverpool.

pirchei aviv 7

pirchei aviv 8


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