Poor Jews Temporary Shelter – Tenth Annual Report 1894-5.

shelter 1894 1This little booklet is the tenth Annual report of the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter, which was at 84, Leman Street, Whitechapel, London.  A little booklet, but a very important account of Jewish social history.

This institution with the name “Poor Jews’ Temporary Shelter” was opened in London in the spring of 1885 by Simon Cohen (also known as Simha Becker) to provide a refuge for homeless and transient Jewish immigrants from the docks. The Jewish Board of Guardians had this shelter closed down for being insanitary soon afterwards. However, many people protested at this and a public meeting was held at the Jewish Working Men’s Club. The idea of reopening the shelter attracted three wealthy and influential Jews, Hermann Landau (a Polish immigrant of 1864), Ellis Franklin and Samuel Montagu.  In October 1885 the Shelter re-opened with the aim of helping immigrants, but not encouraging immigration. It gave aid only to immigrants in the form of shelter for 14 days and 2 meals a day (3 meals from 1897). Representatives of the Shelter would meet ships coming into dock in order to assist and protect the newly arrived immigrants who were vulnerable to waterfront thieves and fraudsters.

We will let the report tell the story:

shelter 1894 4

shelter 1894 5

shelter 1894 6

shelter 1894 7

shelter 1894 8

shelter 1894 9

These were the Officers and Committee Members:

shelter 1894 3

The statistics provide excellent data on population who were coming into London and where they were going.  Note that a fair percentage were travelling through England on their way to South Africa.

shelter 1894 10

shelter 1894 11

shelter 1894 12

Finally, my copy has a donation form loosely inserted, if you would like to send in a donation…shelter 1894 2



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