Degel Yosef by Rabbi Zalman Joseph Aloni of Dublin, printed in London, 1949.

degel yosef 2Rabbi Schneur Zalman Yosef Aloni (Dubow) was born in Riga in 1915.  His father, Rabbi Yitzchok Dubov, taught at Manchester Yeshiva.  He was educated at Grodno Yeshiva, under Rabbi Shimon Shkop, and in 1935 was at the Hebron Yeshiva in Palestine.  In 1939 he emigrated to Dublin and married Sarah Leah, the daughter if Rabbi Michael Osher Matlin of Dublin.  He was Rabbi and head of the Beis Din of Dublin for over forty years.  He eventually moved to London and died in 2002.

As well as the content of the book itself, the list of people who donated at the end of the book provides genealogical information about some prominent Dublin families.  The book was printed in London at the Narodiczky Press.

degel yosef 3

degel yosef 4


This is an approbation from Rabbi Isaac Herzog, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and now (1949) Chief Rabbi of Israel.





In his approbation, Dayan Yechezkel Abramsky writes in praise of Rabbi Aloni, “It is a great virtue to be a Rabbi with a heavy schedule of communal duties, the place where he lives is without a single House of Study, and he is engaged in Torah with vigorous intensity… ”







degel yosef 5


This is an approbation from Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth, Dr. Israel Brodie.







And these are a few words from Rabbi Zalman Joseph’s father, Rabbi Yitzchok Dubov:

degel yosef 6

degel yosef 7

degel yosef 8

The book itself consists of discussion of various laws followed by some discourses. Here is the table of contents:

degel yosef 9

And there is a preface in English:

degel yosef 10

degel yosef 11

Finally, In Memoriam pages, starting with Rabbi Matlin, who was Rabbi Aloni’s father-in-law.  he is followed by prominent members of the Dublin community, with useful genealogical information providing Hebrew names.

degel yosef 12

degel yosef 13

My copy is inscribed by Rabbi Aloni:

degel yosef 1

3 thoughts on “Degel Yosef by Rabbi Zalman Joseph Aloni of Dublin, printed in London, 1949.

  1. I was a student in Manchester Yeshivah 1959-1962 and have fond memories of Rabbi Dubov. I remember a grandson of his who was also one of the bahurei haYeshivah at that time called Aloni but I cannot recall his first name but he was definitely a son of Dayyan Aloni of Dublin. Is there a connection with Michael Aloni of Israel?

  2. The son of Dayan Alony was Rabbi Michael Alony ע”ה who died a few years ago but he wasn’t as far as I’m aware at Manchester Yeshiva and not at those dates .He was at Gateshead and also at an Israeli yeshiva where he got semicha

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