The Jewish National Home and Its Critics – Sir Alfred Mond and Chaim Weizmann, 1922

keren 1This is a small 24 page booklet in Yiddish, published by the Keren Hayesod Central Bureau from 75 Great Russell Street, London in 1922.  There was also an English version.

The Keren Hayesod (Foundation Fund) had been founded in 1920 at the World Zionist Conference in London, and the pamphlet, recording the speeches of Sir Alfred Mond and Chaim Weizmann at a meeting in Oxford, was printed at a critical period in Zionist history.

One of the events of 1922 was the delay of the League of Nations Council in passing the Mandate for Palestine. The Allied Powers had decided to allocate the Mandate for Palestine to Britain in 1920 and a civil administration, headed by Sir Herbert Samuel, had taken office in Palestine in July 1920. However the long delay in signing a peace treaty between Turkey and the victors of the War  meant that the Mandate could not be declared immediately.

WeizmannThroughout 1922 Chaim Weizman was running an energetic international campaign to argue the case for the Mandate and the pamphlet records his speech as part of that campaign given in Oxford Town Hall.  (The speech was given in English, of course; this Yiddish version was intended for supporters who read Yiddish)
Sir Alfred Mond was a Jewish industrialist and philanthropist and in 1922 was the Minister for Health in the British cabinet.

Chaim Weizman was elected President of the British Zionist Federation in 1917 and the World Zionist Organization in 1920.

keren 2

keren 3

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