Al HaRishonim VeAchronim by Rabbi Zusman Hodes of Birmingham, London 1927.

4 Rishonim_0001Rabbi Zusman Hodes was born in Lithuania about 1870 and received Semicha from Rabbi Jacob Reines.  he was the Rabbi of the Belfast Hebrew congregation from 1906 to 1916 , and then the Birmingham Central Synagogue (the Birmingham Beis Hamedrash) until his retirement in 1942.  After his retirement he moved to Leeds and worked for the Rakusen Matzo company, supervising kashrus for many years.  He died in January 1961.

Al HaRishonim VeAchronim is a small but interesting book, printed on relatively poor paper by Goldberg and Epstein of London in 1927.  It is a simple book – no approbations, table of contents or introduction, just a series of interesting articles, of which I have scanned the first few pages as a sample:

4 Rishonim_0002

4 Rishonim_0003

4 Rishonim_0004

4 Rishonim_00054 Rishonim_0006

4 Rishonim_0007

4 Rishonim_0008

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