LiTekufot Hayamim, The Cycle of Seasons by Rabbi Samuel Jacob Rabinowitz of Liverpool, London, 1917.

3 Cycle_0001Rabbi Rabinowitz was born in Kelme, Lithuania, in 1857. He was a member of the Zionist group, Chovevei Zion (Lovers of Zion), attended the second Zionist Congress, and was elected to the Zionist General Council.  He was one of the founders of the Mizrachi movement and was appointed Rabbi of Liverpool in 1906.  He was elected President of British Mizrachi in 1918.

This book, which is a volume of sermons and essays was printed on rather poor quality paper during the First World War, in 1917.




3 Cycle_0002














Here is the list of the contributors to the fund for the Commemoration of the Rabbinical Anniversaries of Rabbi S. J. Rabinowitz.  After the names of the Committee, the Chief Rabbi, Lord Rothschild and the Haham, it is headed by Achad Ha’am (A. Ginzberg).

3 Cycle_0003

3 Cycle_0004

The war is a theme of the introduction, where Rabbi Rabinowitz says that the present time (1917) is not fitting to publish new books. The world shakes with sadness, the ruins are very great…  there are many disturbances. he then goes on to say why he has written this book now.

3 Cycle_0005

3 Cycle_0006

Here is Rabbi Rabinowitz’s first sermon or article, for Roth Hashana:

3 Cycle_0007

3 Cycle_0008

3 Cycle_0009

3 Cycle_0010

3 Cycle_0011

3 Cycle_0012

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