Yalkut Zvi by Harris (Herschel Zvi) Gertler, London, 1954

00001 yalkut tzvi_0001Harris (Herschel Zvi) Gertler was born in Olkusz, Poland, in 1883 and died in London in 1972.  He was a pupil of the Sochatchover Rebbe.  He emigrated to London, England.  During the Second World War his house and business were destroyed by bombs, and he left London for a small village in the country for a number of years. There, he decided to write a book, Yalkut Zvi, which means “Gleanings of Zvi”, and is a collection of elucidations on certain portions of the weekly Torah, but mainly on Ki Tissa, the Hebrew words for “When you take” which start the 21st portion.  He was the author of several other books and returned to London to live at 141 Hannover Road, Brondesbury Park, NW10.

My copy is very tightly bound, and some of the scans were difficult to do clearly without damaging the book.

The book has a long and quite interesting introduction in Hebrew, followed by a shorter one in English:

00001 yalkut tzvi_0004

Here is the table of contents followed by a few sample pages:

00001 yalkut tzvi_0002

00001 yalkut tzvi_0003

00001 yalkut tzvi_0005

00001 yalkut tzvi_0006

00001 yalkut tzvi_0007

00001 yalkut tzvi_0008

00001 yalkut tzvi_0009

00001 yalkut tzvi_0010Towards the end of the book he lists his relatives, siblings and uncles who were murdered by the Germans in the Holocaust.













00001 yalkut tzvi_0011And finally, my copy has a tipped-in letter from the author:


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