Beis Yisroel by Rabbi Lewis (Arieh Leib) Levine of Liverpool, London 1903.

1 beis yisroel_0001This was Rabbi Levine’s first book, printed in 1903 at the Bril press, which also printed the newspaper ‘Telefon’.

Rabbi Arieh Leib Levine, known as Lewis Levine was born in Traby, near Ivye in the district of Grodno in 1861.  He emigrated to England in the 1890s, and when this book was published, he was Rabbi of the Crown Street synagogue in Liverpool.  He later moved to London, was Rabbi at the Sidney Street Synagogue and then at the New Synagogue in Little Alie Street.  He died in 1927.

My copy belonged to Rabbi Abraham Warshawsky.  He was born in Poland in approximately 1883 and served as Chazan and Shochet in Sheffield and Hull.  In 1939 he moved to Manchester, and died in 1957.  His obituary in the Jewish Chronicle mentions the “delight he took in his library with its dictionaries, Talmudica, English classics and volumes of the Jewish Chronicle which he bound himself”.  1 beis yisroel_0002My copy is nicely bound together with a copy of Rabbi Levine’s second book, “Marche Lev”, perhaps by Rabbi Warshawsky himself.


There are three nice Hascamas (approbations).  One is from Rabbi Israel Jacob HaCohen Yoffey of Manchester, one by Rabbi Menachem Duber Dagutsky of Manchester and one by Rabbi Jacob Rabinowitz of Edinburgh.  Rabbi Rabinowicz, a descendant of a long line of prominent Lithuanian Rabbis, was the son of Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Rabinowitz of Lomza. He became Rabbi of Edinburgh at the end of the nineteenth century, and moved to London around 1916 where he became the Rabbi of the Montagu Road Beth Hamedrash in Dalston until his death in the 1930’s.

1 beis yisroel_0003

1 beis yisroel_0004

This is followed by an interesting preface which gives some details of Rabbi Levine’s family.

1 beis yisroel_0005

1 beis yisroel_0006

The book includes a series of articles and discourses.  Here is a short one on the subject of Parnoseh, or Livelihood:

1 beis yisroel_0007

1 beis yisroel_0008

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