Machzor for Rosh Hashana – The Form of Prayers for the New Year according to the custom of the German and Polish Jews, David Levi, 1807

0 RH 1807_0002This is a Georgian Machzor, the second edition of the David Levi Machzor, printed posthumously in 1807.  It was revised by Isaac Levi and has a bold portrait of Chief Rabbi Solomon Hirschell as its frontispiece, that is actually dated 1808.  It was printed by E. Justins press at 34 Brick Lane, Spitalfields.  My copy has a label on the binding that says M. Solomon, presumably the original owner.  The portrait is striking – particularly the clothes showing what a British rabbi might wear in 1808.







0 RH 1807_0001

0 RH 1807_0003

Here is the introduction:

0 RH 1807_0004

0 RH 1807_0005

The type is bold and clear:

0 RH 1807_0006

the English translation is evocative of the period:

0 RH 1807_0007

We have the Laws of Rosh Hashanah in Yiddish:

0 RH 1807_0008

The order of blowing the Shofar:

0 RH 1807_0009

0 RH 1807_0010

And finally, dear readers, as a special treat, if you have read this far, there is an inscription “Mazal Tov…” on the back flyleaf, dated December 1808:

0 RH 1807_0011


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