Nivat Nachum by Rabbi Menachem Nachum of Plotsk, published by his grandson, Israel Joseph Price, London 1886.

5y Price_0001There is a little mystery to this book.  I do not know anything about Rabbi Menachem Nachum other than what is written in this book and also that he has a brief mention in the Plotsk Yizkor book.  he was a Dayan of Plotzk and Chief Rabbi in Friedeberg in Germany.

The book was published by his grandson, Israel Joseph Price, and I do not know much about him either.  I suspect that he is identical with Israel Joseph Price, the father of Solomon Price, a Founder, President and Warden of the Walthamstow and Leyton Synagogue, until his death in 1938, but I have no documentation of that.  If so, then his grand-daughter married Wing Commander Joseph Kemper, OBE, a Royal Flying Corp and Royal Air Force pioneer who served in both World Wars, but that is another story.

5y Price_0002

5y Price_0003My copy was presented by Israel Joseph Price to a Joseph Rosenbloom.




5y Price_0004It also has stamps of a Rabbi Vinik from Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York.




There are two haskamas (approbations), from the Rabbi’s of Kutno and Gombein, towns in Poland.

5y Price_0005

We also hear from Israel Joseph Price, who mentions his cousins:

5y Price_0006

An introduction from the author:

5y Price_0007

Novellae on the Talmud, starting with Masseches Brochos:

5y Price_0008

5y Price_0009

Now we come to the second part, which was printed in Amsterdam, not London:

5y Price_0011

And we hear from Israel Joseph Price, whose father was Shlomo the Levi Preiz:

5y Price_0010

Sermons starting with Bereishis:

5y Price_0012

On Megillas Esther:

5y Price_0013

5y Price_0014

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