Moshavot Britannia (British Colonies), London 1944

7w British Empire_0001This is a book that was published in London during the Second World War by William Collins, apparently to educate the Hebrew speakers of Palestine about the British Empire, of which they were a part. 

The British Empire, it explains, is a typical product of the spirit of the English nation.  Even among the friends of England one cannot generally find understanding of the development of the history of the Empire and of the importance of its job in the world.

I’ve selected some interesting pages which include some striking illustrations of places in the Empire, one of which is Tel Aviv.  The extent of the Empore at that time can be seen on the map below:

7w British Empire_0002

7w British Empire_0003

7w British Empire_0004

7w British Empire_0005

7w British Empire_0006

7w British Empire_0007

7w British Empire_0008

7w British Empire_0009

7w British Empire_0010

7w British Empire_0011

7w British Empire_0012

7w British Empire_0013

7w British Empire_0014

7w British Empire_0015

7w British Empire_0016

7w British Empire_0017

7w British Empire_0018

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