Commemorative Brochure of the Fifteenth Siyyum of the Halukat HaMishnah, Hendon Adath Yisroel Synagogue, London, 1964

7u 15th halukat_0001This is an interesting booklet commemorating an event that was held on Sunday, July 5th 1964, in association with the yahrzeit of the Shaages Arieh, Rabbi Arieh Leib ben Asher Gunzberg, at the Hendon Adath Synagogue in Brent Street, Hendon.  The guest of honour was Rabbi Leib Gurwicz, the Rosh Yeshivah of Gateshead.

There are contributions from Rabbi O. Feuchtwanger, Cyril Domb, Rabbi Noson Ordman, the Rosh Yeshivah of Etz Chaim in London, and Rabbi (later Dayan) Casriel David Kaplin of London and Gateshead.

7u 15th halukat_0002

7u 15th halukat_0003

7u 15th halukat_0004

7u 15th halukat_0005

7u 15th halukat_0006

7u 15th halukat_0007

7u 15th halukat_0008

7u 15th halukat_0009

7u 15th halukat_0010

7u 15th halukat_0011

7u 15th halukat_0012

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