Shofar Yisroel by Rabbi Israel Jacob Yoffey of Manchester, Kedainiai (Lithuania), 1931

7e Shofar Yoffey_0001Rabbi Yoffey wrote three books. I have previously written about the first, Knesset Yisroel, published in 1910.  The second was Tehiyas Yisroel, published in 1927.  The third was this book, Shofar Yisroel.

Rabbi Israel Jacob Yoffey was born in Wilkomir (Ukmerge) in Lithuania in 1874. His father-in-law Rabbi Joseph Yoffey had immigrated to England in 1893 and was appointed Rabbi of the Central Synagogue in Manchester. Rabbi Joseph Yoffey died in 1897 and Rabbi Israel Jacob Yoffey succeeded him at the young age of 23. He founded the Manchester Yeshivah and together with Rabbi H. Hurwitz of Leeds he organized a conference in England of eastern European rabbis, in 1911. He was a  member of the Manchester Board of Shechita and a supporter of Yeshivos, a religious Zionist, and one of the leaders of the Mizrachi movement.

Rabbi Yoffey died of pneumonia, aged 60, in Alexandria, Egypt, on his way to Palestine.

7e Shofar Yoffey_0002

Rabbi Yoffey starts his book with an introduction:

7e Shofar Yoffey_0003

7e Shofar Yoffey_0004

7e Shofar Yoffey_0005

7e Shofar Yoffey_0006

7e Shofar Yoffey_0007

7e Shofar Yoffey_0008

7e Shofar Yoffey_0009

7e Shofar Yoffey_0010

3 thoughts on “Shofar Yisroel by Rabbi Israel Jacob Yoffey of Manchester, Kedainiai (Lithuania), 1931

  1. i am alan warents married to ruth shaw of london i have browsed some of the writings of my fathers great uncle rabbi yisrael yoffey

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