In Kamf Kegen Shtrom (In a struggle against the stream), by Rabbi Jacob Joseph Schwartz, London 1946

6z In Kamp_0001This book is subtitled ’25 years of Jewish living in London’.  Rabbi Schwartz was born about 1875 in Europe.  He was a shochet (a ritual slaughterer), and this is his book, published two years before he died in 1948.

6z In Kamp_0002He has a lot to say – 242 pages of Yiddish, in a small typeface, printed on thin paper.

Opinions and polemic,  previously written articles on Jewish education, “The Board of Deputies and the Kashrus problem”, kosher meat issues and the work (and working conditions) of shochetim. I have to admit that my struggle was to read some of this with the help of a dictionary, but there is much of interest.

6z In Kamp_0013

6z In Kamp_0014

6z In Kamp_0015

6z In Kamp_0016

6z In Kamp_0017

6z In Kamp_0018

6z In Kamp_0019

6z In Kamp_0020

6z In Kamp_0021

6z In Kamp_0022

6z In Kamp_0023

6z In Kamp_0024

6z In Kamp_0025

6z In Kamp_0026

6z In Kamp_0027

6z In Kamp_0028

6z In Kamp_0029

6z In Kamp_0030

6z In Kamp_0031

6z In Kamp_0032

6z In Kamp_0033

6z In Kamp_0034

6z In Kamp_0035

The book starts with a number of pages of dedications, presumably to donors, but this one is outstanding and worth reproducing:

6z In Kamp_0005

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