Gheto Lieder – Ghetto Poems by Philip Max Raskin, Yiddish, Leeds, England, 1910.

Philip Max (Feivl Mordecai) Raskin was born in Shklov on December 24th, 1880.  He had a good secular education, including the Polytechnical School in Zurich.  In 1899 he emigrated to England and graduated from the Royal School for Literature and Science in Leeds.  He worked for the Leeds City Health department for a number of years.

He started to write and publish poems, in Di Yudishe Tsukunft (the Jewish Future), 1904, Der Vieker (The Alarm) London, 1909, Yugend Shtrahlen (Youth beams) in London, 1915.

This was his first published book, printed by Joseph Porton, the Jewish printer of Leeds, in 1910.  It is also notable for having a preface written by the Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem. 

The statement on a number of websites, including Wikipedia that Philip Max Raskin published his first book in 1914 is not correct.  He published his first book in English, “Songs of a Jew” in 1914.

 In 1915 he emigrated to the United States, where he published many books in Yiddish and then in English.  he died in New York in 1944.

Here is a selection from Gheto Lieder…

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