Lord Meyor’s Show-Day 1837, by Wilfred Samuel, London 1950.


This interesting little item, an early Jewish Museum, London publication, caught my eye because of a family connection.  My late father and grandfather both used to buy jewellery from the firm of M. H. Meyer that is mentioned. 

The author, Wilfred Sampson Samuel, was a British businessman and historian who was born in London in 1886.  In 1904, together with several of his cousins, he founded the Decca gramophone and record company in London.  This became one of the largest recording companies in the world.  However, today, he is remembered mainly for his work, research and essays as a historian.  His 1924 essay “The First London Synagogue of the Resettlement”, published by the Jewish Historical Society of England added immensely to our understanding of the resettlement of the Jews in London from around 1656.

I’m not sure when the Jewish Museum started publishing, but this is publication number 3 from 1950. My copy is in pristine condition except for the original price which is obscured:



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