The Jewish Chronicle, London, 1915 – Advertisements, Announcements etc. (250th Post)

coverThis is a bound volume of the Jewish Chronicle for 1915 that I added to my collection some years ago. The paper is a little fragile, but has held up well.  There is a noticeable downgrade in quality of paper towards the end of the year – something that would not be noticeable of I was using a digitized image and not the original.  This was presumably due to paper supplies available during the Great War (later called the First World War).

The Great War was my grandfather’s war.  He was in the Royal Flying Corps (later called the Royal Air Force), and his younger brother was in the Royal Cycling Corps. 

What follows is simply a selection of scans that I found interesting.  The dominant theme is the War and the Jewish community.  There are also advertisements for department stores, fashions and holiday hotels, which demonstrate that life had not yet come to a halt because of the war.  I did not scan articles, editorials and other reports but mainly advertisements, announcements and very short reports of synagogue and organizational meetings.  There are quite a lot, and I hope that people will read through to the end to get the flavour of the times.


Note the long list of donors from Cork, Ireland.


Established in the year 1710!


Leo Jung, in the last announcement, became Rabbi Leo Jung, a prominent American Orthodox Rabbi.


The War Number included a supplement of photographs of Jewish soldiers.
The first three Jewish Victoria Crosses of the War.


2 thoughts on “The Jewish Chronicle, London, 1915 – Advertisements, Announcements etc. (250th Post)

  1. I have found this so interesting, the tragic war deaths and the highlighting of a total different way of life.
    Thank you

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