The Jewish Chronicle, London 1915 – A Second Selection.

coverThere has been so much interest in the scans that I posted from my bound volume of the Jewish Chronicle for 1915 that I have decided to provide a second selection.  These include details about the War, charitable lists, announcements from synagogues, Selfridges advertisements, Monickendams order form for Passover groceries, advertisements for kosher hotels, and many other items of interest.  As with the first selection, the quality of the scans is not always perfect, due to the delicate condition of the old newsprint and the difficulty of scanning a large, tightly bound volume.

This is a link to the first selection.

And now, here is the second selection.  There are a lot of scans, so please be patient! Note that in 1915 it cost four shillings and sixpence – 22p – to place a four-line birth, marriage or death announcement in the Jewish Chronicle.


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