The Jews in Europe, Their Martyrdom and Their Future, Board of Deputies of British Jews, London, 1945.

1945BODs01This is an interesting 64 page book, published by the Board of Deputies in 1945, just before the end of World War II.

The Board of Deputies was founded in 1760. It is an elected, cross-communal, representative body, in the Anglo-Jewish community. The Deputies are directly elected by the synagogues and communal organisations that they represent, from congregations to youth movements, and social welfare charities to regional councils.  I was briefly an elected member of the Board of Deputies, in 1971-2.

I have previously written about other publications of the Board of Deputies that are in my collection:

Germany and the Jews (1939 – published after the Kristnacht pogroms)

British Jewry in Battle and Blitz (1944)

Most of the book is scanned below, particularly the later pages which deal with liberation, rescue and rehabilitation of the survivors.


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