British Jewry in Battle and Blitz, London, 1944 (third issue)

6x Battle_0001This booklet was published by the Board of Deputies of British Jews in 1944.  (The copy in the Jewish Museum is, I believe, erroneously dated 1942.)  It lists many varied ways Jewish people served in the Second World War. There are pages on the Jewish contribution to the armed forces and awards and medals that have been presented. There are also pages on service in ‘The Blitz’ which cover Jewish contribution on the Home Front.

My slightly battered copy is the third edition. As it is rather fragile and I could not find a digital copy on the web, I have scanned the whole booklet to preserve it.  It includes many names of individuals who served, including military and civilians.  Sadly, my father’s first cousin, Jean Bruck, a nurse who was awarded the ARRC when Plymouth Hospital was bombed in the Blitz is not mentioned.

6x Battle_0002

6x Battle_0003

6x Battle_0004

6x Battle_0005

6x Battle_0006

6x Battle_0007

6x Battle_0008

6x Battle_0009

6x Battle_0010

6x Battle_0011

6x Battle_0012

6x Battle_0013

6x Battle_0014

6x Battle_0015

6x Battle_0016

6x Battle_0017

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