The Saint and the Renegade – a historical novel publshed on the 200th yahrzeit of the Baal Shem Tov, by S. Tiger, London 1960.


This book, in Yiddish also has a subtitle – The Black Bishop.  The author, Joshua (known as Shaye) Tiger, was one of the foremost Yiddish journalists in Europe.  He was born in 1897 in Galicia, and lived in Vienna during the First World War, when he was correspondent for the Warsaw Yiddish daily, “Moment”, and of the Tel Aviv Hebrew Daily “Haboker”.


In 1937 he came to England as a refugee from Nazism and his articles appeared regularly in the London Yiddish daily “Die Zeit”.  Shaye Tiger was known as a fine essayist and book reviewer, was a prominent member of the Association of Jewish Journalists and addressed Yiddish meetings of the World Jewish Congress.

He published this book some months before his death in 1960.  The story is woven around the legend of the Black Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church who was a Jewish renegade. One day the Bishop visited a town at the same time as the Besht, under whose influence he returned to Judaism.



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