The Jewish Year Book, London 1950 – Synagogues and Communal Organizations in Leeds.


In going through my collection of Jewish books, I like to highlight an extract from each one. For 1950 I have chosen the Jewish community of Leeds, England.  I have written about quite a number of books printed in Leeds, mostly at the press of Joseph Porton, and about several major Rabbonim (Rabbis) who led communities in Leeds and wrote books. Also, in Leeds, was the 1911 Rabbinical Conference of major orthodox Rabbis.

For books printed in Leeds or Rabbis from Leeds that I have written about, please click here.

However, by 1950, although Leeds was estimated to have a Jewish population of over 25,000 and had about twenty synagogues, the major era of book printing and outstanding rabbinical figures seemed to have passed.

Here is the Leeds entry from the 1950 Jewish Year Book:







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