Fourth Report of the Home and Hospital for Jewish Incurables, London, for the year ending December 31st 1893.

Incurables01This 72 page booklet is a remarkable document of Jewish History. It provides a window into late Victorian social history.  A description of a charitable institution, complete with a medical report and a listing of the applications for residence, with their diseases, since the opening of the Home.

Then there is a long subscription list which is itself a treasure of information – an alphabetical list with addresses of many hundreds of London Jewish families, where perhaps the size of their donation is an indication of their means.

The charity obviously had widespread support, with Ashkenazim and Sephardim, many from the East End of London and the traditional early areas of settlement, such as Aldgate, together with some who had migrated to more fashionable areas such as Maida Vale and Hampstead.

There is a separate list, with names and addresses of Jewish donors from Birmingham.

There are also some interesting donations in a list near the end. Two guineas from the Chief Rabbi, Dr. Adler, gifts from Mr. S. Weil, Nr. Moss Cohen, Mr. A. Hyman, Nr. E. Isaacs, Mr. H Noach, Mr. J. Raphael, Nr. L. Schreiber, and Mr. S. Wiffenheim, all of Mafeking, Bechuanaland.

As this is quite an unusual item and it is printed on paper that is not the best quality, I have scanned the entire book, below:


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