Sefer Divrei Moshe, by Rabbi Dov Moshe Namyot, (of Plungian, Antwerp and Gateshead),Vilna, 1906.

DivreiMosheNamyat01This book was written by Rabbi Dov Moshe Namyot, who was Rabbi in Gateshead, England,  before the days of Gateshead Yeshiva, and has become rather forgotten.  He was Rabbi of the Blechener synagogue in Gateshead from 1915 until he died suddenly in 1919.  The tiny, but very independent and strongly orthodox Gateshead community had appointed a Rabbi from Lithuania with Semicha (his rabbinical diploma) from the famous Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik of Brisk   Rabbi Namyot was also a published author.  For his story see:

Chidushe Ri”ch, by Rabbi Yehoshua Chaim Halevy Epstein, Vilna, 1890. Copy of Rabbi Namyot of Gateshead.

and also:  Shaar Hamelech (The King’s Gate), by Isaac Nunez Belmonte, Brinn (Brno), 1801 – copy of Rabbi Dov Moshe Namyot of Gateshead.

The book itself consists of notes and small new ideas (Chidushim) based on the Babylonian Talmud.  It has two short articles by Rabbi Namyot’s father-in-law, Rabbi Zevulun Leib Barit.

DivreiMosheNamyat02But first there are Haskomas (approbations or recommendations) from three very prominent and important Rabbis, which demonstrates the esteem in which Rabbi Namyot was held.  They are Rabbi Eliezer Gordon of Telz, Rabbi Meir Atlas of Shavl and Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky of Vilna.  Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky writes that he has known Rabbi Namyot for many years, and describes him as “a new vessel filled with old wine”.

It also includes an introduction with Rabbi Namyot explaining his genealogy, which he says goes back to the famous commentator Rashi.


2 thoughts on “Sefer Divrei Moshe, by Rabbi Dov Moshe Namyot, (of Plungian, Antwerp and Gateshead),Vilna, 1906.

  1. Jeff.

    Please note that R. Chaim Ozer spelt his surname with an ע and thus it was pronounced GrodzEnsky

    All the best
    Joni Grodzinski
    (no relation to the Achiezer)

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