Steimatzky’s Palestine Guide by Zev Vilnay, published in London and printed in Palestine, 1935 (first English edition)

7 steim_0001This first edition of Steimatzky’s Palestine Guide was published by George Philip and Son, London, but printed in Palestine by Azriel Press, Jerusalem.  It is a comprehensive guide for the tourist of the 1930s to the British Mandate of Palestine.  Zev Vilnay decribes the routes, towns and chronology. Dr. A Bonné writes the General Survey. The tourist information was provided by Mr. W. Turnovsky, managing director of the Palestine & Egypt Lloyd Ltd.  The book first appeared in Hebrew and German – this is the first English edition.

This comprehensive book with 490 pages plus maps was mostly printed on very thin paper, which makes it more difficult to scan.  Some of the history and description of the Land has not changed much in modern guide books.

Back in 1935, except for flights twice a week by Imperial Airways from Cairo to Gaza, you travelled to Palestine by ship, by train or by motor car.  For readers’ interest, I have scanned the driving instructions from Damascus to Haifa and some of the tourist information for arriving at Haifa and Tel Aviv ports, together with advertisements:

7 steim_0008

7 steim_0009

7 steim_0010

7 steim_0002

7 steim_0003

7 steim_0004

7 steim_0005

7 steim_0006

7 steim_0007



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