Ohr Chadash, Rabbi Joseph Kohn-Zedek, London 1881.

5i KohnTz_0001Rabbi Joseph Kohn-Zedek was a rabbinical scholar and preacher who was born in Lemberg in 1827 and died in London in 1903.  He had studied with the chief Rabbi of Lemberg, Joseph Saul Nathansohn, and attended also the yeshiva of Joseph Yekeles, rabbi of Yavorov. While at Lemberg he produced a number of Hebrew poems of a patriotic character, and edited a volume in honor of Sir Moses Montefiore, entitled “Neveh Tehillah” (Lemberg, 1869) and other publications.  He was a fluent preacher in Hebrew, and occupied temporary positions at Cracow and Altona, as well as at Frankfort-on-the-Main.  He emigrated to London in 1875.  He published a number of books in London, including this one, a collection of articles on various subjects.

5i KohnTz_0002This volume, which is nicely bound in gold stamped red cloth, is dedicated to Lionel Louis Cohen, the President of the Board Of Guardians of the Jewish Poor, which was the predecessor of the Jewish Welfare Board and today’s Jewish Care, on the occasion of his 25th wedding anniversary.5i KohnTz_0003







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5i KohnTz_0005

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