Vallentine’s Anglo-Jewish Almanac and Diary 1927 (5688), with London advertisements and complete list of Mohelim.

5h Vallentine_0001This is Vallentine’s Almanac for 1927 – the 90th year of publication.  Apart from a diary and times for Shabbos etc, I have scanned the ads, many of which are for kosher eating establishments in the old Jewish East End of London.

It was edited by Rev. Morris Rosenbaum of the Borough Synagogue, and printed by Express printers of Whitechapel High Street.

Towards the end is the Jewish Initiation Society’s list of Mohelim.

5h Vallentine_00025h Vallentine_00035h Vallentine_00045h Vallentine_00055h Vallentine_00065h Vallentine_00085h Vallentine_00075h Vallentine_00095h Vallentine_00105h Vallentine_00115h Vallentine_00125h Vallentine_00135h Vallentine_00145h Vallentine_00155h Vallentine_00165h Vallentine_00175h Vallentine_00185h Vallentine_00195h Vallentine_00205h Vallentine_0021

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