Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Hospital, 253 Mile End Road, Report 1907, London.

5d Hospital_0001This little booklet is the Annual Report of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews Hospital for Sick Poor, Lying-in Women, and asylum for the Aged, founded in 1747, and known as the Beth Holim.

The hospital was first established in Leman Street, E1, then in 1790 was transferred to 253 Mile End Road. The modern building, now on the site, was erected in 1912, although the style is that of a 17th century building.

In 1977 the Beth Cholim was removed to Forty Avenue, Wembley where it now flourishes.  The old building is now used by Queen Mary College.

Behind this building lies the Velho – the old cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who fled from the persecution of the Spanish and Portuguese inquisition to find religious toleration and freedom.

The booklet includes a listing of the “inmates” and of the subscribers.  The subscribers include addresses.

5d Hospital_0002

5d Hospital_0003

5d Hospital_0004

5d Hospital_0005

5d Hospital_0006

5d Hospital_0008


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