Laws and Bye-Laws of the Burial Society of the United Synagogue, London 1902. Histories of Cemeteries by Philip Ornstein.

5a Burial_0002This is an original 1902 copy of the Laws and Bye-Laws of the Burial Society of the United Synagogue – the rules followed for traditional Jewish burials and for administration of the cemeteries.  It includes interesting histories of the Ashkenazi cemeteries of London that were in existence in 1902, written by the Secretary of the United Synagogue, Philip Ornstein.

Indeed, my copy includes his presentation letter and inscription.

This is a long post, but have patience – the descriptions of the cemeteries below are full of information.

5a Burial_0001

5a Burial_0003

5a Burial_0004

5a Burial_0005

5a Burial_0006

5a Burial_0007

5a Burial_0008

5a Burial_0009

5a Burial_0010

5a Burial_0011

5a Burial_0012

5a Burial_0013

5a Burial_0014

5a Burial_0015

5a Burial_0016

5a Burial_0017

5a Burial_0018

5a Burial_0019

5a Burial_0020

5a Burial_0021

5a Burial_0022

5a Burial_0023

5a Burial_0024

5a Burial_0025

5a Burial_0026

5a Burial_0027

5a Burial_0028

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