Machzor Im Kavanat Hapaytan, London 1771 (two volumes)

This is the first set of Machzorim – Festival and High Holy Day Prayers – printed by Jewish printers and published in London. It is a two-volume set, published in 1771 by Moses ben Gershon and partners. Prior to this similar volumes, published in Saltzbach and Furth were in use. I have several examples of these, but the London set, which is copied from these older publications, is a finer printing, on generally better paper.

My set, in its 250th year – so it is older than the United States of America – is in surprisingly good condition and has been carefully rebound.

The engraved frontispiece is particularly fine:

The engraved frontispiece of the second volume has the names of the publishers as Alexander ben Yehuda (known as Alexander Alexander) and his son Levi (Yehuda Leib) Alexander. See here for my copy of Alexander Alexander’s Pesach Machzor.

As was the custom, the end of the book was signed by the printers:

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