Peace is Everybody’s Business, by Ilya Ehrenburg, London (Narod Press) 1970

Israel Narodiczky and his sons (after his death) did not just print Hebrew and Jewish books. He also printed a wide variety of Anarchist, Socialist and other political publications. This booklet, with two speeches by Ilya Ehrenberg was published by the press department of the Soviet Embassy in Britain and printed by the Narod Press in 1950. It is not included in Moshe Sanders’s bibliography of the Narodiczky Press. For more books and publications from my collection, printed by Narodiczky, click here.

Ilya Ehrenberg was born in Kiev in 1891 into a non-religious Jewish family. He became one of the Soviet Union’s most well known and prolific writers. He was a journalist who wrote about three wars, a poet and a novelist. During the Second World war he collected material about the atrocities of the Germans towards the Jews, which became the famous Black Book, edited by Ehrenberg and Vasily Grossman.

In this booklet he is speaking on behalf of the Soviet Committee for the Defence of Peace:

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