Jewish Chronicle 1894 – Advertisements and Announcements

8q jc1894 1I wrote about Bayswater synagogue installing electric lighting in 1894 in my previous post about this Jewish Chronicle volume.  This time I will go through a selection of advertisements and announcements that are typical of the 1894 Jewish Chronicle. 

In 1894, the London times newspaper carried paid announcements of births, marriages and deaths on the front page of the newspaper.  There were no eye-catching headlines.  The Jewish Chronicle followed the same format.

Here is the front page for Friday, September 28th, 1894:

8q jc1894 page 20

8q jc1894 2


Levy Brothers, of 31 Widegate Street, Bishopsgate, had been established as Matzo bakers for over 180 years, even in 1894.  Their advertisement lacks the artwork that is available today, and relies on repetitive printing.




















8q jc1894 3

This is the donation list for an old-established charity, the Society for Providing Strangers with Meals on Sabbaths and Holydays.  The distinguished list of donors includes donations collected by Reverend Bernard Spiers.  I have previously written about his book, “The Threefold Cord” here. 














8q jc1894 4

8q jc1894 5

8q jc1894 6

8q jc1894 7

8q jc1894 8

8q jc1894 9

8q jc1894 10

8q jc1894 ads 15

8q jc1894 ads 17



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