Di Zeit – Yiddish Daily Newspaper, London, 1949 – Advertisements and Classified

8p Di Zeit 16 English Mast I have a number of copies of Di Zeit (pronounced Di Tsayt), The Jewish Times, London’s daily Yiddish newspaper, in my collection. Di Zeit was founded in 1913 by Morris Myer, an immigrant from Roumania. Originally it was a newspaper for the Jewish working class, then it became a supporter of Zionism and the Poalei Tzion political party. By the 1930s it was a more general newspaper and published religious articles as well. Morris Myer died in 1944 and the newspaper was continued by his son, Harry Myer. However, the number of Yiddish speakers had declined and the paper closed in 1950.

This is the front page for April 6th, 1949. There are no photographs and the newspaper simply consists of a large sheet folded to make four pages:

8p Di Zeit 3 page

Here is a collection of advertisements and announcements from 1949, all photographed by my daughter, Navah Maynard:

8p Di Zeit 2 katzThis advertisement is for a printed copy of the play “The Nazi’s Jewish Daughter” by Morris Katz. I have written previously about this here.

The place to stay in 1949 was the Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth:

8p Di Zeit 4 Cumberland

8p Di Zeit 7 Business & Labour Head

8p Di Zeit 8 Ads

Here is an announcement for the Philpot Street Sfardish and Roumanian Synagogue.  This Shabbos at six o’clock, the Rabbi, Y. H. Zimmerman will give a droshe (sermon) for Shabbos Hagodol (before Pesach).

8p Di Zeit 9 Philpot St Sfardish

And here are the Shidduchim.  If you are looking for a “refined spinster” or a “young, English born wife, 29, with a five-year old boy”, or a “28 year-old young man in business”, look no further…..

8p Di Zeit 10 Shiduchim

For entertainment in 1949 you could go to the Yiddish Theatre at the Grand Palais in Commercial Road…

8p Di Zeit 11 Grand Palais

…or the Alexander Theatre in Stoke Newington:

8p Di Zeit 15 Alexander Theatre

8p Di Zeit 14 WirelessOr you could stay home and listen to the wireless and even early 1949 television.  Here are the programs for the Home Service (For Schools at 2.00pm, BBC Theater Orchestra at 3.45pm, Twenty Questions at 8.30pm, Today in Parliament at 10.45pm), Light Program (Squadroneers Dance Orchestra at 1.15pm, Mrs Dale’s Diary at 4.00pm, Ann Shelton at 8.30pm, Harry Gold and his band at 10.30pm) and the Third Program (From our correspondent at 6.30pm).  Television in 1949 started at 11.00am with a demonstration film, with programming for the housewife at 3.00pm.

8p Di Zeit 12 Oil

8p Di Zeit 13 Borensteins

8p Di Zeit 17 Barnet wine

8p Di Zeit 18 Miscellaneous Ads

18 thoughts on “Di Zeit – Yiddish Daily Newspaper, London, 1949 – Advertisements and Classified

  1. Thank you. Memories flooded back. From the classified ad for “Interfacers” (when interface meant the material between the outside of a garment and the lining) to Mrs. Dale’s diary at 4:00 p.m.

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