Dem Natzis Yidishe Tochter (The Nazi’s Jewish Daughter), A Play, Morris Katz, London 1947.

9p NaziYD_0001‘The Nazi’s Jewish Daughter’ is a play, written by Morris Katz and printed in London at the Narodiczky Press in 1947.  My copy is in pristine condition.  There is a copy in the collection of the Imperial War Museum, catalogue number LBY 82 / 1654.

Pinkhes Moyshe Kats (Morris Katz) was born in Lodz in 1901, left Poland in 1925 and lived in Czechoslovakia and then Antwerp, Belgium, before fleeing to London in 1940.  He emigrated to the United States in 1950.

9p NaziYD_0005He was a dentist and Yiddish writer who contributed to various Yiddish newspapers, including Di Tsayt in London.  He wrote a book on dentistry and the Talmud called “Dentistik” in 1943 in London, which (as yet) I have not found.  He also contributed to Avrom Stecl’s journal, Loshen und Lebn.  (The above information comes from Joshua Fogel’s blog ‘Yiddish Leksikon’.)

The play is a Yiddish melodrama that chronicles the story of a German who prior to the rise of the Third Reich adopts a Jewish child.  Then, as a member of the Nazi party he is forced to conceal her background from the beginning of the Reich until the end of World War II.  The play was produced in Buenos Aires in 1945.

9p NaziYD_0002

This is a memorial page for the author’s three sisters, murdered in concentration camps in the years 1942-45:

9p NaziYD_0003

9p NaziYD_0004

9p NaziYD_0006

9p NaziYD_0007

9p NaziYD_0008

9p NaziYD_0009

9p NaziYD_0010

9p NaziYD_0011

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