Jewish Year Book, London 1917, edited by Rev. Isidore Harris – Manchester

9r JYB1917 Socs_0001This is the 1917 edition of the Jewish Year Book, which was published by the Jewish Chronicle and produced under difficult wartime conditions as a paperback with thinner paper.  However, it is absolutely packed with information – a printed snapshot of the Anglo-Jewish community in 1917.  I cannot scan it all, and so I have chosen two selections.

This is the second one – pages for the Jewish community of Manchester.

For the first selection – Jewish Friendly Societies of 1917 click here.

Here is Manchester in 1917.  30,000 Jews, 37 Synagogues.

9r JYB1917 Socs_0002Manchester has its own Beth Din, with Rabbi’s Salomon, Dagutsky, Yoffey and Levien, meeting at Cheetham Hill Road every Monday and Thursday.

As well as 37 Synagogues, there is a wide range of Jewish organizations, pages of them, each with its own officers and officials.

They include:

  • The Austro-Hungarian Benevelent Society
  • The Hebrew Bread, Meat and Coal Society
  • Society for Providing Meals for Underfed Jewish Children
  • Portuguese Talmud Torah School
  • Ellen Terry Dramatic Society
  • Cheetham Cinderella Club
  • Jewish Lads Brass Band

… and many more.  See the full list below:

9q JYB1917 Man_0001

9q JYB1917 Man_0002

9q JYB1917 Man_0003

9q JYB1917 Man_0004

9q JYB1917 Man_0005

9q JYB1917 Man_0006

9q JYB1917 Man_0007

9q JYB1917 Man_0008

9q JYB1917 Man_0009

9q JYB1917 Man_0010

9q JYB1917 Man_0011

9q JYB1917 Man_0012

9q JYB1917 Man_0013

9r JYB1917 Socs_0001















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