The Jewish Year Book 5663 (1902-1903), Isidore Harris. The London Synagogues.

9j JYB1902_0001This is another copy of the Jewish Year book – this time for 1902-3.  It is the seventh issue, and much expanded from the 1896 first issue that I wrote about here.  It is a printed snapshot of the Anglo-Jewish community in 1902, and like the other Jewish Year Books has too much information to scan it all.

The scans below are the pages for 63 London Synagogues.  Some of them have interesting historical information; however the Federation of Synagogues provided just the name of the President of each Shul.

If you would like to read about Manchester Synagogues, click here.


9j JYB1902_0002

9j JYB1902_0003

9j JYB1902_0004

9j JYB1902_0005

9j JYB1902_0006

9j JYB1902_0007

9j JYB1902_0008

9j JYB1902_0009

9j JYB1902_0010

9j JYB1902_0011

9j JYB1902_0012

9j JYB1902_0013

9j JYB1902_0014

9j JYB1902_0015

9j JYB1902_0016

9j JYB1902_0017

9j JYB1902_0018

9j JYB1902_0019

And if you have had the patience to read si far, here are a couple of advertisements from the end of the book:

9j JYB1902_0020

9j JYB1902_0021



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