The Jewish Year Book 1927 – London Synagogues.

5o London 1927_0001I have previously included extracts of lists of London Synagogues from other editions of The Jewish Year Book

Here is 1903.

Here is 1947.

This time I have taken a year in between – 1927.  In 1927 the Jewish Year Book was edited by Rev. S. Levy.  Unfortunately the Federation of Synagogues did not provide much information, but it is still an interesting list:


Rabbi Gollop was at the Bayswater Synagogue.  In 1921 Reverend Gollop was chosen by the Bayswater Synagogue to succeed Rabbi Sir Hermann Gollancz as minister. He gained his Rabbinical Diploma in 1924. You can read more about him here.

5o London 1927_0002

The Reverend Michael Adler was at the Central Synagogue.  He was the editor of the British Jewry Book of Honour, published in 1922 to commemorate the 50,000 British Jews who fought in the First World War.

5o London 1927_0003


5o London 1927_0004

Reverend David Hillman was at Sandy’s Row Synagogue.  He was the son of Dayan Hillman and became a prominent artist, known for his stained glass windows in British Synagogues.

Reverend Chanoch Olivestone was at the Walthamstow and Leyton Synagogue.  You can read about his father’s book, which he published when he was at Tredegar in Wales here.

5o London 1927_0005


5o London 1927_0006


5o London 1927_0007

5o London 1927_0008

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Ferber was at the West end Talmud Torah in Manette Street, Soho.  He was a prolific author.  You can read more about him here.

5o London 1927_0009



One thought on “The Jewish Year Book 1927 – London Synagogues.

  1. I was surprised that david Hillman was still minister at sandys Row as alate as 1927. i thought he had stayed in the position for a few years but consdierably earlier than that

    Professor David Newman OBE Chair of Geopolitics, Dept of Politics and Government Ben-Gurion University Beer Sheva, Israel 84105


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