Jewish Year Book 1917, Provincial Synagogues and Institutions, A-D.

JYB1917A-D01This is the 1917 edition of the Jewish Year Book, which was published by the Jewish Chronicle and produced under difficult wartime conditions as a paperback with thinner paper.  However, it is absolutely packed with information – a printed snapshot of the Anglo-Jewish community in 1917.  I was asked if I could provide a scan of the community of Blackpool.  It is included in this group of communities, which run from Aberavon to Dunfermline.

Highlights include the Military Synagogue in Aldershot (it is the First World War), and Belfast with Rabbi Isaac Herzog, later to move to Dublin as Chief Rabbi of Ireland, and then to be the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the British Mandate of Palestine and Israel, father of the sixth President of Israel, Chaim Herzog and grandfather of the eleventh President of Israel, Isaac Herzog.

Previous selections from the 1917 Jewish Year Book have included:

Jewish Friendly Societies of 1917.

The Jewish community of Manchester.


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