Dentistik (Dentistry), by Morris Katz (Pinchas Moshe Kac), London 1943. (In Yiddish)

Dentistry01This book was on my ‘want list’ for years and years, and suddenly one of my favourite book dealers, Israel Mizrachi, had a copy for sale – and here it is!

In English, it is titled ‘Dentistry – An essay with quotations from the Talmud and practical directions for all. It was written during the war, in 1943.

Morris Katz (Pinkhes Moyshe Kats) was born in Lodz in 1901, left Poland in 1925 and lived in Czechoslovakia and then Antwerp, Belgium, before fleeing to London in 1940. He emigrated to the United States in 1950.


He was a dentist and Yiddish writer who contributed to various Yiddish newspapers, including the daily Yiddish newspaper ‘Di Tsayt’ in London. He also contributed to Avrom Stencl’s journal, Loshen und Lebn.

After the war he wrote some Holocaust related plays, in Yiddish, which I have written about previously.  They are:

“Dem Natzis Yidishe Tochter” – The Nazi’s Jewish Daughter (1947) and

“Der Mishpat” – Judgement (1949)

Click here for an issue of Di Tzayt which has an advertisement for Moshe Katz’s plays.

Some of the scans below are not as straight as I would like. The book is tightly bound and difficult to scan without damage.


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