Personalia Relating to Sir Hermann Gollancz, M.A., D.Litt., Rabbi, Oxford, 1928.

9n Gollancz_0001This book is subtitled, “The story of a professional man’s career told in certificates, testimonials, congratulatory messages, letters and addresses, reports and presentations, &c. relating to Sir Hermann Gollancz, Emeritus Minister of the United Synagogue, London, Emeritus Professor of Hebrew in the University of London, University College.”  It was printed for private circulation for his children and grandchildren, family and friends and “to the world at large”.

9n Gollancz_0002Sir Hermann explains that he has compiled these documents and letters in place of an autobiography.  Some might think that the book represents an inflated “ego-trip”, but it is a record of a lifetime of many achievements.  Only a selection has been scanned here.  There are also some interesting illustrations of the interiors of the Hambro and Bayswater Synagogues.

Hermann Gollancz was the first Rabbi to be knighted by the King.  He gave his first sermon, at the age of 19, at the old Hambro’ Synagogue in Fenchurch Street in 1872, where his father, Rabbi Samuel Marcus Gollancz was Minister from 1854 to 1899.  He studied at Jews and University Colleges and was the first Jew to take the Doctor of Literature at London University.  In 1897 he received his Rabbinic Diploma – Hatarath Horaah – from Rabbi Saul Horowitz of Tiesmienitz, at a time when the British Chief Rabbinate discouraged “Ministers” from becoming “Rabbis” – only the Chief Rabbi was supposed to be a real Rabbi.

The table of contents is quite amazing – it is a list of certificates and congratulations:

9n Gollancz_0004

9n Gollancz_0005

Here is a selection from the book:

9n Gollancz_0006

9n Gollancz_0007

9n Gollancz_0008

9n Gollancz_0009

9n Gollancz_0010

9n Gollancz_0011

9n Gollancz_0012

9n Gollancz_0013

9n Gollancz_0014

9n Gollancz_0015

9n Gollancz_0016

Here is a letter from Rabbi Isaiah Raffalovich of Liverpool, whom I have written about previously, here.:

9n Gollancz_0017

9n Gollancz_0018

9n Gollancz_0019

Here is one from Rabbi J. K. Goldbloom of the Redmans Road Talmud Torah, which I have written about previously here.:

9n Gollancz_0020

9n Gollancz_0021

9n Gollancz_0022

9n Gollancz_0023

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