Produktivizatsye – Productivisation – Short Stories by Y. A. Lisky, London 1937.

6h Lisky_0001“Productivisation,” is a collection of short stories in Yiddish by the longtime journalist Y. A. Lisky, who fled anti-Semitism in Vienna and ran England’s longest-surviving secular Yiddish newspaper until he was 89.His real name was Yude Itamar Fuks, and he was the brother of the writer A. M. Fuks.  He was born in Yezerna in Eastern Galicia, in 1902.  From 1924 to 1930 he lived in Vienna, followed by Paris and then London.

He wrote for many publications in London, including Di Tsayt (The Times), Di Ovent Nayes (The Evening News), Di Idishe Post (The Jewish Post), Dos Fraye Vort (The Free World), Yidish London (Jewish London) as well as the monthly magazine Loshn un Lebn (Language and Life).

6h Lisky_0002From 1932 he was a contributor and editor of the weekly newspaper Di Yidishe Shtime (The Jewish Voice) with B. A. Sochachevsky and L. Sh. Kreditor.

He also wrote in English for The Left Review, New Life, and the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish Literary Review.

This was the first of several books and was printed in 1937 by the Narodiczky Press in Whitechapel.  It is a book of short stories, mostly concerning Jewish Life in Galicia in World War 1.

As a selection, I have scanned the title story – Productivisation, which has more of a London connection.

6h Lisky_0003

6h Lisky_0004

6h Lisky_0005

6h Lisky_0006

6h Lisky_0007

6h Lisky_0008

6h Lisky_0009

6h Lisky_0010

6h Lisky_0011

6h Lisky_0012

6h Lisky_0013

6h Lisky_0014

6h Lisky_0015

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