Loshen un Leben (Language and Life), edited by A. N. Stencl, January 1947.

8l Stencl Loshn_0001Avrom Nochem Stencl came to London in 1936.  He was born in Poland, into a rabbinical family, and had lived in Germany for some years, where he was a published author.  His first volume of poetry in London was published in 1937.  I have previously written about his book Yerushalayim, a book of songs, ballads and poems published in 1948 here.

In 1940 Stencl started a regular publication, in Yiddish, “Loshn un Leben”.  He was the main contributor and the Naroditzky Press was the printer.

This issue was for January 1947.  Among the contributors were Moshe Oved, the writer and owner of Cameo Corner, a jewelry shop in Museum Street, W.C.1., Elias Paluszak, who was a writer who came to London after the war, and Moshe Saunders, the book dealer who was later to compile a bibliography of the Narodiczky Press.

On reading through this volume, I realized that sadly my Yiddish is insufficient to make translations, and so I have simply scanned a selection.  Comments are welcome – there is a comment box at the end.:

8l Stencl Loshn_0002

8l Stencl Loshn_0003

8l Stencl Loshn_0004

8l Stencl Loshn_0005

8l Stencl Loshn_0006

8l Stencl Loshn_0007

8l Stencl Loshn_0008

8l Stencl Loshn_0009

8l Stencl Loshn_0010

8l Stencl Loshn_0011

8l Stencl Loshn_0012

8l Stencl Loshn_0013

8l Stencl Loshn_0014

8l Stencl Loshn_0015

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